Musk Absolute (Wool)

17/11/2021: We are now starting with the second batch of this material. I need to state this batch (WMA002) is only partially ethanol-soluble. For this reason, perfume compositions will be initially cloudy and will achieve a clear solution once the composition has been properly chilled and filtered. For optimal clarity I advise to make a 10% dilution, freeze and filter. Aromatically at this dilution, the material is still very potent and still puts out a truly incredible aroma profile. So with this said, I have just altered the alcohol soluble status to partially, but beyond this, the content written by Eleonora is still spot on. Thanks, Adam : )

Eleonora Scalseggi has this to say “Although the very name wool musk absolute might seem to refer to something somewhat quirky and far from unsurpassable classics like rose or sandalwood, this material is a genius response to the unquenched thirst for natural musks and animalics but without the big ethical issues that come with materials like deer musk.

This wool musk absolute is, as the name suggests, obtained from natural wool of a small herd of sheep that has the luck of pasturing free, so they are cleaner animals compared to the ones that are kept confined in a barn, and with far better access to a vast array of grasses and shrubs that keep them healthier and happier.

Plus, shearing wool is an operation that would need doing regardless of the production of this absolute, leaving the farmer with wool, once a valuable resource, whereas today this material is increasingly regarded as some form of waste, and those who cannot find uses for it are often even forced to pay to have it disposed of. Luckily, some creative minds are now giving new life to wool using its many strengths in a range of new applications, spanning from agriculture to eco friendly buildings. Luckily for us, one farmer more creative than the rest and with a passion for natural perfumery has found this brilliant way to value his sheep wool, having it turned into a perfectly alcohol soluble absolute, via a process that is quite understandably kept secret in its key steps.

The absolute itself is of a soft but powerful nature, a clean barnyard animalic material with gently smoky leathery notes. It is a unique natural aromatic that dilutes beautifully and will impart a comforting feeling of cosiness and naturalness to almost any perfume composition, along with improving its staying power like animalic aromatics excel in doing. Maybe this is the birth of a new classic, and it is almost miraculously both a true animalic and a genuine environmentally and ethically sustainable one too.”

Alcohol Soluble: Partially (Batch WMA002)

Oil Soluble: Yes

Soluble in DPG: Yes

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 50G = 850 Euros. 100G = 1600 Euros. 

Unfortunately, this material cannot be shipped to Australia or America