Coriander Seed SUPER PREMIUM E.O

Adam Michael has this to say “Coriander seed essential oil is an attractive plant of the Umbelliferae family, which grows either wild or cultivated in the Far East, Spain, North Africa and Russia. Some plants are found growing wild in parts of England, where they have self-seeded from cultivated plants. The leaves, when crushed, give off an extremely unpleasant odour which the ancient Greeks found reminiscent of a squashed bedbug, hence the plant’s name which is derived from ‘koris’, the Greek for bug!

Fortunately, the seeds have an altogether different aroma, very pleasant, fresh, herbaceous bright, a tad woody, and somewhat spiced fruity. This essential oil is distilled from the seeds via steam distillation and true to the aroma when crushing the seeds. A staple aromatic in the perfumers palette.”

Botanical Name: Coriandrum sativum

Origin: France