Siam Wood Organic E.O (12 YEARS AGED)

Adam Michael has this to say “To my nose siam wood essential oil opens with cedarwood atlas, cabreuva, and amyris – very dry woods like in character. The heart notes are a rainbow of woody, ambery, rich nerolidol and oriental wonderment with trace undertones of thirst quenching satsuma juice. The base notes are chiefly rich balsamic, reminiscent of aged Chinese cedarwood and nerolidol with creamy sandalwood qualities. This material is 12 years aged as of 25.04.23

Siam wood e.o provides volume to leather and woody accords, is a must have material for those developing amber bases, sandalwood bases and oriental bases plus it excels in enhancing the woody back notes found within vetivert. Siam wood which is also known as pemou wood is obtained by steam distilling the roots and waste wood of the plant, amber yellow in colour and of a sticky but pourable viscosity.”

Mark Evans has this to say “Siam wood essential oil is also known as pemou wood, a name given to the oil when large amounts of it were imported into the West from Indochina prior to the second world war. At that time, the oil was distilled from various cypress trees that were being used for their fragrant wood in the manufacture of finer woodcarvings, hand carved figures, boxes, etc. Now however Fokienia hodginsii is used exclusively.

The scent of siam wood essential oil is wonderfully rich and dense, initially reminding me of Texas or Atlas cedarwood mixed with guaiacwood and Australian blue cypress wood. There’s a fruity resinous aspect and sweet balsams in there as well. This is a precious wood indeed and the luxury of this oil confirms it. After a while on the blotter the top notes settle into a smoky leather with a delicious fruity and creamy wood note which could even be considered floral.

Siam Wood is the perfect wood note for use in oriental compositions, incense perfumes, forest blends and precious woods notes where its complexity would provide a perfect blending agent for the other components.”

Botanical Name: Fokiena hodginsii

Origin: Vietnam


Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 100G = 150 Euros.