Honey Provence Firabs (Honey Signature)

Made from natural + synthetic molecules

Eleonora Scalseggi has this to say “We are happy to introduce Honey Provence Firabs to our collection, a very powerful, convincing recreation of the scent of fragrant honey straight out of the honeycombs. Sourced directly from a Switzerland world-famous manufacturer, this material is obtained via a co-extraction of natural materials (chiefly beeswax) and synthetic molecules, some of which are captives. As such, this is a mixed-media product and not a 100% natural recreation. Also known as Honey Signature.

The reason why we have switched from our Acacia Honey absolute to this product is that unfortunately honey acacia absolute batch to batch supply has proved totally unpredictable and increasingly disappointing, forcing us to return the absolute to the producer a couple of times in a row lately, until we have had decided to call time on the absolute.

As we were rather sad and disappointed about the acacia honey absolute situation, we decided to sample Honey Provence Firabs and we are happy to say we have been positively impressed. Yes, the material might feel too powerful and require dilution to be better evaluated and appreciated, but once diluted, this honey scent recreation is very realistic and positively reminiscent of chewing honeycombs, the smooth waxy aroma entwined with the sweet gooey honey bursting from the fragrant cells (a must try experience!).

Surely the co-extraction with natural beeswax helps greatly creating a true-to-nature honeycomb impression, the material, however, is a very powerful one and needs to be dosed with a very light hand, ideally preparing dilutions in advance. A little truly goes a very long way.

Used in perfume compositions, Honey Provence Firabs imparts indulgent, sticky honey-like sweetness, richness and warmth along with boasting very good diffusiveness. It can find application in a very wide array of perfume compositions, starting of course from gourmands, but also amber, spicy and oriental accords, animalic and oud bases, with labdanum, woods and tobaccos, in florals like roses, orange blossom and osmanthus compositions (used also and especially in traces) and with a particular mention of narcissus-themed accords, where it can especially shine.

Of a deep yellow natural beeswax colour, subject to batch variation, this material’s room temperature consistency can vary from slightly liquid to pasty and it will go pourable with gentle warmth. Soluble in both alcohol and fixed oils, although the pastier batches might require some filtration.”

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 50G = 95 Euros.