Raspberry Leaf Absolute 50%

We now sell this Raspberry Leaf absolute diluted to 50% in alcohol which results in a material that is pourable and ready to use. Thanks, Adam : ) 

Joseph Colbourne has this to say “This certainly is a magnificent material with a sensuous, edible aroma. Produced in France, this solvent-extracted absolute is made from the leaves of Rubus idaeus has a surprising depth and complexity. It opens all succulent, sweet, sun-kissed and jammy, punctuated by tart fruits, davana, mulled wine. Leathery, balsamic caramel, raisins, benozin, and notes reminiscent of fir absolute are revealed upon closer inspection. There is so much character in this absolute oil.

As a base note, this could easily extend berry damascone notes and work wonders with all sorts of rose. Raspberry leaf absolute can help to unify tricky woods accords, round out spices, and enhance tea or tobacco blends.”

Botanical Name: Rubus idaeus

Origin: France

Alcohol Soluble: Yes

Oil Soluble: No