Javanese Turmeric CO2 ORGANIC

Mark Evans has this to say “Smelling this extract on the blotter the first time made me swoon with a blissfully relaxing sigh. The seedy, woody, somewhat sickly top notes of the essential oil are not present in this Select CO2 extract and the result is sweet, warm, smooth, spicy and woody with a touch of gingery zing. An absolute pleasure to smell with a perfect balance between aromatic spiciness and calming, soothing nutty warmth.

After a few minutes, the gingery note sings louder, accompanied by a little earthy rootiness in the background, like a bass note or a drone.  The overall effect is one of meditative calm and yet also uplifting and simply delicious. Javanese Turmeric CO2 would be fantastic to use in gourmand creations, aromatic or spicy blends and also woody scents where a little gourmand spiciness is needed. I’d highly recommend that you try this CO2 as it really is wonderful.”

Amber in colour, obtained from the roots and of a pourable viscosity.

Botanical Name: Curcuma xanthorrhiza

Origin: Indonesia

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NOP –organic cert. by CERES