Narcissus CO2 Gold Super Premium

Eleonora Scalseggi has this to say “Once upon a time there was young me walking every day past a florist shop on my way home back from school. Every spring I would buy a little pot in a wicker basket with daffodils bulbs in it ready to flower. I would place them in front of my window and soon enough they would flower, filling the room with their fragrance, signalling that spring was close and the summer holidays a little closer too. The years passed and I moved to another city, and for some reason I forgot all about the simple joy of keeping a few daffodils flowering in my room beaming with their cheerful fragrance. This until many years later I purchased another one of those wicker baskets, only to discover that the daffodils have now no fragrance, not even a little bit, it was just all gone.

Desperate for the loss, I enquired with many garden centres, and they would tell me that over the past years daffodils have been selected to be scentless because some people were finding the fragrance somewhat distracting, disturbing even. Over the past years I have kept searching for fragrant daffodils and have found them surviving in the wild, in abandoned gardens, and only available for sale in some highly specialised bulbs nurseries, where they still keep a few of the old sweetly fragrant varieties.

So now you can imagine my emotion when smelling this narcissus CO2. At last, a daffodil material that perfectly captures the scent of daffodils in early spring, so beautiful, elegant and yet understated, the very scent that I had taken for granted, only to realise years later how precious it was, and much I would have to search in order to ever be able to get to smell it again.

Smelling this from the smelling strip the fragrance is cheerful yellow, warm, sweet, gently peppery, spring-green dewy and unmistakably floral. Not narcotic heady white floral, just joyful springtime floral like few other materials can – chiefly mimosa olessence, lilac CO2 and orris butter. If you are a fan of florals, if you like me are desperate to smell daffodils’ lost fragrance again, if you have never had the pleasure and the privilege, then this is “the” daffodil aromatic to turn to. Yes, it is crazily expensive and very difficult to obtain (the producer needed a good share of convincing before letting go of the little they had produced), but it is without a shed of a doubt the best daffodil material money can buy.”

Adam Michael has this to sayNarcissus Absolute is wonderful material but this Narcissus CO2 Gold Super Premium is in another league entirely. Aromatically this CO2 is floral rich warm, anisic honeyed medicinal, wafts of our blossoming mimosa tree, watery peppery nasturtium, sun warmed orris flowers (fragrant varieties), honey orange blossom spiced, violet flower notes, dreamy crayon lilac notes, agrestic qualities of Tuscan hays and blonde tobaccos, creamy pungent, somehow green infused facets reminding me of aspects found in the head space of our living gardenias, beeswax and propolis traces, dulled blackcurrant qualities, boronia and ylang traces, buttery vanillic character, and overall so heady, bright, diffusive, high impact, constantly shift shaping forever and just utterly outstanding heavenly, otherworldly hypnotic masterclass material.

The aroma of this narcissus CO2 production is a perfume in its own right, aromatic perfection, the most beautifully complex floral I have ever encountered, a material that could be studied for an eternity, and proof that the greatest perfumer that exists to date is Nature.

Extremely hard to source, very expensive, very exclusive, and we are especially honoured to be able to offer this material to our clients. This is both alcohol and oil soluble, sunset orange in colour and of a pourable viscosity.”

Due to the cost, no blind buys of 10mls are allowed. Should you purchase, evaluate and approve of the sample, please get in touch and you will be welcome to purchase the larger volume.

Origin: France

Botanical Name: Narcissus poeticus

Alcohol Soluble: Yes

Oil Soluble: Yes