Mark Evans has this to say “More lemony than lemon! This lemon myrtle CO2 organic extraction is so cheerful, uplifting and invigorating with its intensely powerful fresh, sweet, spritzy lemon and lime bouquet as well as its delicate green, herbaceous undertone.  If you compare this CO2 extract with the essential oil that we also have available, you may think there’s no difference initially. However, wait for half an hour or so and where the EO has settled into a pleasant verbena-like scent, this lemon myrtle CO2 organic is still a powerhouse of lemon sherbet due to the higher proportion of citral it contains.

Obviously useful in citrus notes, colognes, herbal accords and so on to provide more longevity to the lemon note than the EO can provide.”

Botanical Name: Backhousia citriodora

Origin: Australia

Extract: Select Extract