French Oakwood CO2

Adam Michael has this to say “Over the past maybe three to four years, a very big European based corporate has moved into the supply of Oakwood CO2 via acquisition. And it must be said they are producing a truly exquisite product.

My take on this French Oakwood CO2 is that structurally this is on point and aromatically has a very bright opening showcasing the oak barrel notes infused with a variety of sweetened gourmand nuances, especially vanilla and to a lesser extent cocoa and caramel.

Does this French Oakwood CO2 have the heavenly body of my English offering, no is the answer. It is very rare I can ever find anything of English origin to truly sing the praises of in the world of aromatics (which saddens me immensely), but for Oakwood CO2, English product is my firm favourite and also one of my most cherished aromatics of all time. Reason being the depth is outstanding, the body is matured and glorious, so multi-layered with a vast spectrum of gourmand qualities, a plethora of boozy tonalities and of course that distinct smell of oak barrels.

This said though, with time and ageing, this French production has the hallmarks of developing a richer body that one can lose themselves within and truly fall in love with too. Until then though, as a top note, this French production will have more value to perfumers than our English CO2 which again is all heart note onward orientated.

Also the upside for me with French material is that I am enabled to sell weight, important as we are rapidly strengthening our wholesale operation (and also moving into production ourselves this year), along with being able to offer a very good quality product at a more competitive price compared to the English offering.

This French material is alcohol soluble, produced from oak chips sourced within France, lasts for just under three hours on my skin type, days on the strip, and subject to weight or volume is rich golden amber yellow to dark red in colour. Uses, wonderful within woody, boozy and gourmand creations, pairs especially well with vanillas including our tinctures, rum co2, cognac, sandalwood and also guaiac wood.”

Botanical Name: Quercus robur L

Origin: French sourced wood chips

Alcohol Soluble: Yes

Oil Soluble: No

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Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 50G = 60 Euros. 100G = 95 Euros. 250G = 225 Euros.