Adam Michael has this to say “This Coffee CO2 extract smells exactly like strong black coffee and is a really useful brown note. As the content of essential oil is under one fifth of one percent with the rest comprising of fatty acids, this is really aimed at soap and skincare producers who require a strong, robust, long lasting coffee note at an affordable price.”

Joseph Colbourne has this to say “Coffee CO2 is the spirit of whole, roasted coffee beans in all their glory: unyielding stimulating, marvelously strong and aromatic, somewhat sweet and smoky. Originating from Italy, the CO2 is coffee-brown (naturally), and is of pourable viscosity. Just inhaling its aroma invigorates me like a piping hot, robust cup of coffee on a cold morning. As is dries down to its base, it develops more rich, smoky undertones, with the slightest hints of vanilla, cinnamon, and tobacco. Coffee CO2 has great tenacity, lasting 12-16 hours on the perfume strip. A coffee note has underrated versatility with florals, particularly rose, pairs winningly with vetiver, and can create some magnificent effects in floral orientals, ambers, gourmands, and tobacco accords.”

Botanical Name: Coffea arabica

Origin: Italy

Total Extract

Alcohol Soluble: No

Oil Soluble: Yes

Certified Organic

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 250G = 145 Euros.