Liquorice 20% Tincture

Adam Michael has this to say “The aroma of this tincture is very similar to smelling the Italian bag of pure liquorice candies. The opening notes of this aroma to my nose are anise boozy with bitter candy sweetness and a sprinkling of warm fruit. The heart notes comprise of a sweet rooty, earthy and leather scented cocktail. The base notes are without doubt anise boozy, root earthy, root beer and there are clear spiced chocolate nuances within the dry down.

Liquorice as a perfumery ingredient is largely null and void as just about all that is offered is water soluble thus why Hermitage now produces this ethanol tincture. All batches offered are at least one year aged and produced from the finest Calabrian material obtainable, double extracted so to leave out the unpleasant acrid aroma occurring in regular ethyl alcohol extractions.

As a perfumery material this 20% tincture is very useful for improving spiced fruit accords, blends well with aldehydes and fruity lactones, offers interesting effects within leather bases, and is especially useful for building boozy notes.”

Botanical Name: Glycyrrhiza glabra

Origin: Italy