Oud Wild Sweet Myanmar E.O (ONE AND A HALF YEARS AGED)

Adam Michael has this to say “Aromatically this hydro distilled wild Myanmar oud is sweet warm woody, syrup fruity, clean and exotic floral throughout. The floral notes have what I class as a crayon nuance and thus remind me of inhaling a living blue lotus and red frangipani composite. Additional supporting notes include leather infused with violet flowers, mango, suede, honey, sun-dried haystacks and a trace of spiced bitter tang.

This wild oud oil of the very highest order, nothing offensive in the profile, amber-red-brown in colour, of a pourable viscosity, ultra limited artisanal batch and without question the most sublime Myanmar production I have encountered to date. A must for oud connoisseurs who really appreciate and love wild oud. And useful also for those who want to create limited edition perfume using only the most beautiful, rare, expensive and inspiring aromatics the world has to offer.”

Botanical Name: Aquilaria agallocha 

Origin: Myanmar

Alcohol Soluble: Yes

Oil Soluble: Yes

Wild Material distilled across November 2022