Nootka M.D E.O (8 YEAR AGED)

Adam Michael has this to say “This is very interesting 8 year aged material at the time of writing (12/06/19). The Callitropsis nootkatensis wood is collected and subjected to fractionation and then molecular distillation. The aroma is dry woody cedarwood, cumin spicy, and somewhat leathery, minty and even thyme herbal. This material will add further warmth and complexity to woody notes, spicy accords and herbal bouquets.”

Mark Evans has this to say “Named after the Nootka tribe of the Pacific Northwest and also known as Cedarwood Alaska and Yellow Cedar, the Nootka Tree is a majestic tree species growing in a region that extends from Southern Alaska to British Columbia and the highly prized wood is commonly used to restore Japanese temples. The essential oil of nootka tree has remarkable insect repellent properties and this contributes to a very slow decline in the integrity of the wood after death, allowing dead trees to remain standing for up to a century with a profound impact on the ecology of their forests.

This oil of this wood has a fascinating depth of complexity. Imagine it to be an amplified cedarwood but dryer and more dominant. There are notes of very dry woods, cumin, an angelica root leatheriness, resins, styrax and balsams. All this with a powdery, pencil sharpenings undertone. Two of the main components of this oil, nootkatene and nootkatone have distinctive grapefruit peel scents.Treat this oil with a gentle hand, perhaps at one fifth of the level you would use other cedarwood oils otherwise nootka the magnificent will overpower your composition, especially over time.”

Botanical Name: Callitropsis nootkatensis

Origin: Canada