Patchouli Absolute Super Premium

Adam Michael has this to say “Ladies and gentlemen, after many years of searching, Her Majesty Patchouli Absolute is back. Sourced from a new artisan supplier, this is probably the best Patchouli material we have ever had on offer (at the time of writing, November 2018), and it wholeheartedly deserves the “Super Premium” title.

Everything you can expect from a good bottle of beautifully aged patchouli is here, but better. The umatched depth and richness, the sweet, balsamic sticky-oriental amber notes, the fruit-infused woodiness and even a mouth-watering dewy mint – green herby aspect. This material provides unparalleled volume, warmth and richness to fragrance compositions, it is a heart to base note and blends excellently well with cedarwoods, sandalwoods, pemou, opoponax, pom pom and countless others. Useful in deep amber, woody, oriental accords, etc., actually its use can only be limited by our imagination. To my nose this patchouli absolute is even better than the aroma of an aged dark patchouli essential oil with the added bonus of not having to wait a decade or more for the privilege.”

This patchouli absolute material is produced by solvent extracting the leaves and is dark brown-olive green in colour and of a perfectly pourable consistency.

Arctander has this to say of it: “Patchouli blends beautifully with labdanum, vetiver, sandalwood, ionones, cedarwood derivatives, coumarin, oakmoss, geranium, clove oils, lavender, rose, bergamot, neroli, orris “resinoid”, nitromusks, cinnamates, methyl salicylate, cassia oil, myrrh, opopanax, sage clary absolute, borneol, pine needle oils, cyclohexanone derivatives. It forms an important ingredient in Oriental bases, woody bases, fougeres, chypres, opopanax bases, powder-type perfumes, etc. It is an excellent masking agent for depilatory creams, e.g. in combination with orange type materials”.

Botanical Name: Pogostemon cablin

Origin: Indonesia

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 100G = 350 Euros. 250G = 780 Euros.