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Patchouli HEART CO2 (SELECT)

Adam Michael has this to say “The opening notes are full bodied patchouli warmth with lots of  rich winter fruits, spices, and oriental sweet powdery musky incense character. The heart and base notes are sublime. The rich musky incense notes blossom into this glorious creamy, ambery, woody, musk floral sensation and of which is something I am more acquainted to finding within the heart notes of a heavily aged vintage Indian sandalwood.

Honestly this is so good, the aromatic progression is absolutely flawless, always clean, always balanced and harmonious. This material contains 54% of the desired patchoulol and 0.5% of norpatchoulenol. Patchouli CO2 is produced by super fluid extraction of the fractionation patchouli material. The colour is pale yellow and it is of a thin and pourable viscosity.”

Botanical Name: Pogostemon cablin

Origin: Indonesian material. French production.

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2 reviews for Patchouli HEART CO2 (SELECT)

  1. Yankiel (verified owner)

    Stunningly beautiful. Unsurpassable. The best patchouli oil in the market.

  2. Mauricio (verified owner)

    Hi, my name is Mauricio and I am a Patchouli addict. It all started when I was very young. I remember that in my countryside lair there was this stone staircase that lead to the river and the earthy scent there was intoxicating. I would lay for hours in the mud, just sniffing. I confess, oh shame, I even blended the wet earth with velvety green moss from the stone and hoped the world would end right there.

    And this Patchouli Heart CO2 is the thing on Earth that most accurately reminds me of that spot. Earthy clean, wetter than Patchouli Light, sunnier than Patchouli Dark, just pure and beautiful lifeforce. I don’t use it to blend, it would be a blasphemy, I keep it to myself, like Gollum treasuring his precious Ring. I will waste a drop of it when I find the right moss, which I haven’t yet, they are all too rough and dry. Until then, this goes neat on my skin after a bath. Sacred.

  3. Adam Michael

    This comment has had me in stitches of laughter ….Hi, my name is Mauricio and I am a Patchouli addict….!!!!!!!, pure comedy gold Mauricio and once again a truly brilliant review, Adam : )

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