Patchouli HEART CO2 (SELECT)

20/09/21: This product is supplied to us from a world famous naturals producer. Available here at the best online pricing when compared with all of our European and North American online competitors. None of them can compete. Pricing is so good that the wholesale weights are in line with official distributors pricing. Thanks, Adam : ) 

Adam Michael has this to say “The opening notes are full bodied patchouli warmth with lots of  rich winter fruits, spices, and oriental sweet powdery musky incense character. The heart and base notes are sublime. The rich musky incense notes blossom into this glorious creamy, ambery, woody, musk floral sensation and of which is something I am more acquainted to finding within the heart notes of a heavily aged vintage Indian sandalwood.

Honestly this is so good, the aromatic progression is absolutely flawless, always clean, always balanced and harmonious. This material contains 54% of the desired patchoulol and 0.5% of norpatchoulenol. Patchouli CO2 is produced by super fluid extraction of the fractionation patchouli material. The colour is pale yellow and it is of a thin and pourable viscosity.”

Botanical Name: Pogostemon cablin

Origin: Indonesian material. French production.

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Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 100G = 65 Euros. 250g = 110 Euros. 500g = 210 Euros. 1 kilo = 390 Euros. 5 kilos = 320 Euros per kilo.