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Cocoa CO2 (SELECT)

Adam Michael has this to say “I find myself thinking of Cadburys Dairy Milk chocolate whenever I smell this cocoa CO2. Likewise the aroma of cocoa absolute to my nose is similar to the taste of eating Cadburys Bournville chocolate. The aroma of this cocoa CO2 is much more creamy, milkier, sweet and sugary. This is one of the most delicious gourmand materials I have so far encountered and I recommend everybody try this material at least once. Light brown in colour, solid at room temperature, obtained via CO2 extraction of the cocoa beans.”

Botanical Name: Theobroma cacao

Origin: Brazil

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2 reviews for Cocoa CO2 (SELECT)

  1. Mauricio (verified owner)

    Ah, Cocoa! So heavenly, yet so mundane! So precious and, still, so omnipresent in our everyday lives! Even the healthiest people on Earth stray from their path to point that, yep, chocolate is good for you, sure!

    This masterpiece offering from Hermitage captures all this delight and I feel very privileged to have it in my collection. It smells gorgeously creamy, sweeter than I would expect and darkly opulent, while still keeping an airy profile that reminds me of sniffing cocoa powder. It can be used as a whole perfume per se, going from dusty top notes to a gourmand heart and finishing with woody whispers at the base. Mixed with Star Anise, Elemi or white flowers, this jewel exhibits its most beautiful facets.

    The only side note here is that Cocoa is remarkably dificult to work with, not blending well with many carrier oils, and this CO2 is not an exception. It melts easily, but it is hard to blend and a bit unstable. I recommend using it predominantly with alcohol and DPG if necessary, which seems to make Cocoa a bit more grounded. Since I love oil based fragrances, I still have to find a way to unlock this material’s full potential in this form.

  2. Laya S (verified owner)

    The top of this material introduces itself as complex, mysterious & seductive. The heart is paradoxically percussive yet flowing. Very dynamic! The base is powdery & dry; it deepens perceptively by 15 minutes. Within half an hour it still retains its full complexity & power. (rare!) By 2 hours although its power is quite diminished, its stunning complexity remains. It lasts on the blotter for half a day, probably longer, however by then, the aroma has devolved into a sour roasted one. Definitely recommended for the palette of those enchanted with Cocoa !

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