Raspberry Rose Liquid 100%

Adam Michael has this to say “Another exclusive as this material is actually a speciality all-natural base that very few in the public domain can access. This straightforward aroma opens with big bursts of raspberries in a commercial and fantasy form, non- cloying, no green leaf aspects at all, just super smooth, pastel sweet, powerful, and ultra-off the charts raspberry juicy. Reminiscent of eating heavily concentrated raspberry flavoured jelly and a really good fun aroma profile that possesses a happy-childlike vibe from start to finish.

Now after about an hour on the strip we begin the fruity to floral transition – although to be clear we never shake off the fruity aspects as they form the core of this aromatic – and now along with the juicy raspberry character, this material also exudes nuances comparable to our blackcurrant liquid and fantasy pastel esq orange peel – so a soft powdery orange scent profile opposed to being citrus tart. After this the rose aroma begins to come through, again though not in the classic naturals sense, but in a powdery rose-sweet through to rose-geranium  fashion with a noticeable sparkling white grape finish.

To expand a little further about the rose profile, if you know the taste of eating the rose scented Lokum candies, aka Turkish delights, well, that candied rose geranium taste is without question the smell of what is displayed here, and I must add this material exudes the lokum scent even more convincingly than my beloved geraniol propionate natural isolate. As more time progresses the rose character slowly fades until we end up back at the beginning with the raspberries scent, combined now with fleeting strawberry jam and orange blossom tonalities. It is chiefly raspberry notes alone that are present in the dry down.

On the strip I get around 36 hours of performance, touching 3 hours on my skin type and I class this light yellow coloured liquid as a heart note. Regarding uses, this material will lend itself well to a wide array of applications from perfumes to cosmetics, soaps and candle making. Whilst regarded as a speciality base by the producer this aromatic has a lot of additional potential, in the that you also have a readymade building block here that subject to imagination and creativity can be quickly pushed outwards into vastly different directions, even more so for the mixed media perfumer who of course is working with less limitations in his or her palette.

A few examples, this material can easily be transformed into a full on forest fruits base or even fruit cocktail base as it pairs well with blackcurrant, pear, apple, strawberry, pineapple and apricot liquids along with natural melonal and even mints, especially English peppermint e.o I find. At the same time If you can obtain legitimate fire tree e.o you also have the secret component to then transform this base into a full on Eastern lychee creation. And lets not forget the floral facets here either, so with the addition of petitgrain, nerol N.I and honey naturals you can start to move this material into the direction of a sweetend fantasy esq orange blossom profile. This material also pairs very well with both alpha and beta ionones and adds a wonderful fruity twist when incorporated into orris blends. And generally, when building Oriental, heavy floral and or sweet-woody creations this material will be of real value. For those building synthetic musk orientated perfumes this raspberry rose liquid should be considered as it blends, binds and rounds out such materials really well. As I say the materials versatility is not in question here. Raspberry Rose Liquid is in compliance with the IFRA 50th amendment as well.

Additional information: Aware of my client base I provide a selective copy and paste from the TDS stating maximum use of this material within fragrance applications.”

Category 1 – Lips products (max : 16.96 %)

Category 2 – Non-spray axillae products (max : 4.98 %)

Category 2 – Aerosol spray axillae products (max : 4.98 %)

Category 3 – Face & body products using finger tips (max : 14.85 %)

Category 4 – Fragrance cream products (max : 40 %)

Category 4 – Fine fragrance products (max : 40 %)

Category 5A – Body lotions (max : 23.94 %)

Category 5B – Face moisturizers (max : 23.94 %)

Category 5C – Hand creams (max : 23.94 %)

Category 10A – Household care products (max : 25 %)

Category 10B – Aerosols / Spray air fresheners (max : 25 %)

Category 12 – Candles (max : 100 %)

Alcohol Soluble: Yes

Oil Soluble: Yes

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 100G = 105 Euros. 250G = 210 Euros.