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Strawberry Liquid 100%

Joseph Colbourne has this to say “What a tasty treat. A transparent, easily pourable 100% natural propriety blend, strawberry liquid is a super sweet, ambrosial, candied strawberry that reminds me of those little oval hard candies with the wrapper resembling an image of a cute strawberry that a grandmother or aunt would give you for being a good boy or girl.

I also detect subtle hints of citrus, lychee, even vanilla. As it tries, it develops into a more rich, jammy concoction—all I need is some peanut butter and two slices of bread. This is the scent of fun, innocence, and comfort; no pretense, no austerity, just giddiness and joy. Strawberry liquid demonstrates great tenacity, lasting 12+ hours on the perfume strip. Add to patchouli or earthy notes to create a well-rounded wild strawberry effect, liven up fruity florals and add juicy decadence to gourmands.”

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  1. Mauricio (verified owner)

    Disney invites Tarantino for their next live-action. He demands creative freedom. Disney vetoes blood and carnage but that’s it. There’s P®in_Ce$$, a digital influencer putting on a revenge heist against Witchenweller, a neo-nazi social media baron. There’s singing (a glitch bop version of Elton John’s Crocodile Rock), and dancing (Maddi Ziegler’s first scene direction). The couple kisses to the sound of Americana violins by the end and part ways. The movie is 183 minutes long.

    That’s almost exactly how I feel with this astonishing offer. Sweet, innocent, pretty, girlish, yadda yadda. But there’s an edge to it. So sharp it’s unwise to put a finger on it. Inside the candy lies a terrible truth. Wilderness, sour times. It lasts forever on the skin, enveloping your senses, almost beating you to death. And you ask for more. And it gives you more. For a crazy amount of time.

    This is quintessential Strawberry. The one you find in dolls, the one you eat by the dozens. It goes crazy if you throw even more sweet at it, but why not? Go psycho and mix it with resins, just don’t tell me you were not warned. It would be sensible to blend it with citruses, green herbs, Patchouli, Cedarwood, and other bitter/sour materials to keep its overpowering nature in check, but that’s on you. No one goes for Strawberry looking for realism. I certainly don’t.

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