Sandalwood Mysore Essential Oil (1 YEAR AGED)

13th May 2024: 250G wholesale weight now available. Also the image in use here has been used before for Sandalwood Musk 1960. I like the image and have thus decided to reuse it here. Thanks, Adam : ) 

Adam Michael has this to say “This Sandalwood Mysore essential oil has a profound calming effect and is wonderful for relieving chest infections. Very useful in massage for treating sore throats. Sandalwood has long had a reputation as an aphrodisiac. It is an intimate perfume, in distinction to most other essential oils, largely because of its very slow rate of evaporation, which means that one has to be quite close to smell it at all (except in the case of when its being evaporated in which case it can be quite pervasive).

Steam distillation of the chipped or powdered heartwood and roots. Although sandalwood has often been recommended as an oral treatment it is most safely used in massage treatments, poultices, bath oils and evaporators.

At the time of writing (11/08/15) the ‘H & R Guide to Fragrance Ingredients’ cites sandalwood oil as one of the most expensive raw materials available to the perfumer it must be said that there are many essential oils which are far more costly and much less versatile. With the exception of Oud (which is very expensive indeed) there is no other essence which gives the same voluptuous warmth as sandalwood. The production of the oil is scrupulously controlled by the government of Mysore, the very best oil being ‘agmarked’ or approved by the Ministry of Agriculture. Only the heartwood of mature trees (aprox 30 yrs) is used and current reports from Mysore suggest that the use of sandalwood for carving and furniture making is to be curtailed in order to ensure a sufficiency of trees for future oil extraction.

The oil is present to some degree in all parts of the wood and is responsible for the formation of the heartwood. It is not secreted by the wood. This distinguishes it from other woods such as guaiacum and sanders whose heartwoods are formed through the action of resin which is secreted especially when the bark and outer wood are damaged.”

Joseph Colbourne has this to say “As to be expected of a genuine Mysore Sandalwood, the scent is absolutely gorgeous. A sacred intimacy is met when acquainting oneself with the damp, rich, fresh-cut wood scent. The sweet, creaminess is balanced with the bitter, piquant qualities. I applied a drop in the third-eye area of my forehead and let the scent envelop me with its sedative, grounding effects. In aromatherapy, sandalwood Mysore essential oil proves to be invaluable in everything from throat irritations and laryngitis to depression and anxiety. With its high sesquiterpene content, sandalwood is skin-nourishing, aiding in the healing of scars. This wondrous sandalwood has great fixative value and versatility, elevating and lifting other notes, particularly woody base notes.”

Botanical Name: Santalum album

Origin: India

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