Styrax Resinoid

Adam Michael has this to say “Styrax resinoid is produced by removing the bark from the Liquidambar orientalis tree and making incisions into the sap wood. The crude then oozes out and is collected in containers placed at the bottom of the tree. At this stage the material is full of impurities, borderline impossible to work with, contains water and must be cleaned. Various options are available thereafter and Hermitage material is alcohol extracted so technically speaking this material is a resin-absolute.

This material is of a pourable treacle consistency and is a heart-warming amber colour. The aroma is incense rich, oriental, syrup sweet, with spiced cinnamon and leather nuances. Comments regarding vanilla nuances maybe true but are not present in this material. Styrax Resinoid is an excellent fixative that works in harmony with many oils of a wood, floral and fruit nature such as mimosa, frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, jasmine and yuzu.”

Mark Evans has this to say “Richly rounded, animalic, leather, buttery, resins, amber, floral, sweet, benzoin, balsamic, spicy – just a quick impression of this precious material sourced from Liquidambar orientalis trees in the Republic of Honduras. There are three varieties of styrax, there’s this one which is also known as Asian styrax and also storax. Then there’s American styrax from Liquidambar styraciflua and then there are the black granules from Styrax officinalis. Each smells different, but this Asian styrax is, in my opinion, the most exotic, luscious and deeply rich. The most leathery of them all, very long lasting and the perfect base note ingredient for Orientals and gourmands and perfect for amber notes.”

Botanical Name: Liquidambar orientalis

Origin: Republic of Honduras

Wholesale weights: 250G = 110 Euros. Including vat = 134.20 Euros.