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Civet Absolute INDIA

Civet Absolute

Adam Michael has this to say “This Civet Absolute is obtained from Indian material (not African), collected from the secretions of the female and male civet cats. The material is a solid waxy mass, golden brown in colour which quickly becomes pourable with gentle warmth. The initial aroma is overbearing, raw, vile and slightly faecal. […]

Civet Gold Absolute

Civet Gold Absolute

Eleonora Scalseggi has this to say “Let us be clear, civet, especially if undiluted, does not smell of fresh flowers, and this Civet Gold Absolute is no different. Approaching it straight from the bottle it is strong, faecal, feral and unmistakeably skanky. So why would you have anything like that go anywhere near a perfume, […]

Ginger Absolute

Ginger Absolute

Adam Michael has this to say “Aromatically, applied to the strip, the opening notes of this ginger absolute are fiery warm, rooty, very sweet, spiced and reminiscent of how the original ginger beer soft drink by Old Jamaica tastes. As this material evolves on the strip, the theme remains 100% gourmand orientated, displaying a dark […]

Hyraceum Absolute 40%

Hyraceum Absolute

Produced by a world famous producer and supplied directly to us. Across mid-late 2022, we will start offering Hermitage Oils produced absolutes and co-distilled essential oils. Concentrating on specialist aromatics only. Mentioned as we are going to be producing Hyraceum Absolute.   Adam Michael has this to say “What we have here (21/11/21) is a famous […]

Musk Absolute (Wool)

Wool Musk Absolute

17/11/2021: We are now starting with the second batch of this material. I need to state this batch (WMA002) is only partially ethanol-soluble. For this reason, perfume compositions will be initially cloudy and will achieve a clear solution once the composition has been properly chilled and filtered. For optimal clarity I advise to make a […]

Civet Paste 3.5% Tincture

Special Note: Adam Michael here, as I type it is the 2nd May 2020. The batch now available for sale was 6 months aged as of the 19th April 2020. Adam Michael has this to say “If you are not familiar with civet materials this could be a good place to start from. This tincture is […]

Styrax Absolute (LOW STYRENE)

Styrax Absolute

Adam Michael has this to say “The aroma of styrax absolute is described as woody-vanilla, leathery, animalic-castoreum, balsamic. In a leathery compound, this product brings a modern animalic and elegant note. Produced by fractionation of styrax absolute in order to respond to applicable regulations. This advanced process results in a material with a very animalic […]

Civet – Recreation

Civet Recreation

Adam Michael has this to say “This civet recreation consists of a blend of both natural and synthetic components. This material is free of civet absolute and contains no animal derived ingredients at all.  An exceptionally powerful material that is best used  below the level of conscious detection. When used in trace amounts this material imparts […]