Ginger Absolute

Arctander has this to say “In perfumes, Ginger Absolute may introduce the most interesting and surprising notes in high-class lotion perfumes, ect., or in the so-called “men’s fragrances” in the spicy series, after-shaves, etc. It blends excellently with animal notes (castoreum, civet, costus, labdanum) and with woody notes (sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli, linalool, olibanum, etc.), with floral notes (very interesting effect in gardenia, etc.) and in many types of modern fantasy fragrances.”

The producer describes the aroma like this …”Spicy-peppery, toffee-chocolate, warm-balsamic-woody with a gourmand dry-down. This is a useful material in gourmand, woody and balsamic compounds.” This ginger absolute is produced by solvent extracting the roots and then this material is molecular distilled to obtain a completely soluble material. The colour is chocolate cookie brown.”

Botanical Name: Zingiber officinalis

Origin: China