Beeswax Absolute

Adam Michael has this to say “Beeswax absolute is golden amber in colour and of a solid waxy mass which melts with great ease. The initial aroma is mild honey, sweet, floral, with tenacious middle notes reminiscent of new mown hay with waxy undertones. Beeswax absolute is obtained by alcohol extracting the combs and the honey absolute we offer is obtained by alcohol extraction of the honey (no waxes) and of which is treacle like in consistency and comprises heavily of natural sugars.

In China which is the world’s biggest producer of honey I have learned one practise that happens involves stripping out the inside of the beehive and packing the unrefined contents (honey and waxes) into huge barrels which are shipped to the customer/manufacturer, who will process accordingly. France is one such customer and most of this material will be further processed to produce the clear or set honey we buy in the shops. However some companies obtain this material and alcohol extract it – now technically we have another material which may well be marketed by some as honey or even beeswax absolute but of course this will be different aesthetically, different in odour profile and different in behaviour and no doubt much cheaper as well.”

Arctander has this to say “Beeswax Absolute is useful in perfumes where similar notes occur (as a modifier), or where “rough or chemical” corners of synthetic materials must be rounded off. It blends well into jasmin, mimosa, cassie, violet, new mown hay, “tabac”, etc. as well as in in the so-called “cire d’abeille” perfume base, in which a meadow-like sweetness and heavy, honey-like floral notes are predominant (coumarin, cassione, phenylethyl phenylacetate, helichrysum oil, flouve oil, liatris extract, chamomile, etc.).”

Botanical Name: Apis mellifera

Origin: France

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 100G = 450 Euros.