Tree Moss Absolute 50%

Joseph Colbourne has this to say “There’s a straightforward, masculine earthiness and leathery quality that sets tree moss absolute apart from oakmoss absolute. There is a notable dryness in the top notes that set it apart—the scent of an old growth forest as the sun shines down on its understory, its heat releasing the aroma of green ferns and velvety moss carpeting fallen trees. Lasting days on the tester, tree moss absolute also has phenomenal tenacity; as a base note it can provide the foundation for chypres, fougeres, barbershop accords, and citrus blends.”

Botanical Name: Evernia furfuracea

Origin: France

Produced by solvent extracting tree mosses that grow chiefly on conifers. Cola-brown in colour, diluted at 50% in ethanol and of a pourable viscosity.

We also offer this material neat at wholesale rates in a 100G weight, in this instance the material is solid in appearance and will require bain-marie to get the material into a pourable state.

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 100G (SOLID) = 135 Euros.