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Butter CO2 (SELECT)

Joseph Colbourne has this to say “Carbon dioxide extracted from anhydrous milk fat, this Butter CO2 from the UK gives me the urge to grab a tub of popcorn and settle into a movie. Deliciously rich, salty, with notes of cheese that could easily play off contrasting notes in a blend for unique effects. A velvety sweet, creamy sheen develops in the drydown, with the base lingering on the strip for several hours. It’s lactonic, fixative quality makes it useful in giving creamy character to white florals, fruits, sandalwood or as a means of extending coconut or massoia bark. Light florals can be given more depth through its use. Furthermore, it can provide just the right ‘body’ for gourmand blends, adding dimension to caramel and vanilla notes”

This is quite a novelty material, serving no purpose therapeutically. May find use amongst perfumers and other creative soles.

Botanical Name: N/A

Origin: UK

Select/Total Extract: Select

2 reviews for Butter CO2 (SELECT)

  1. Mauricio (verified owner)

    Butter CO2 is one of those things in life you buy with the mantra “heh, why not?”. I’m the kind of person that often orders the strangest dish anywhere I go just to let life surprise me, making an investment in knowledge rather than certain pleasure. Good thing, then, that this is an amazing offering and highly recommended to anyone who loves tweaking things bit by bit.

    Greasy, salty, milky, it is all you expect from butter, but not just that. I’ve already used it to turn a rather bland Sandalwood into a Mysore-like powerhouse (highly diluted and with a bit of Coconut CO2), for example. Mixing it with Coffee (mind you!), I was able to create a cozy aura that is hard to explain, but very familiar and loved to us, Brazilians.

    Even if some courses had led me to catastrophe (Butter and Geranium, what the heck was I thinking?), this is one of the funniest materials to work with in my collection.

  2. GinoF197 (verified owner)

    On its own it’s like butterscotch creamy buttery salty, I am having a hard time to figure out how to use this one combined with other materials. Used it a while ago with coffee CO2 alc soluble and cacao colorless and some basenotes. It turned out foul smelling and I am scared to work with it again. I figure it needs to be diluted…same goes for the coffee and cocoa I suppose.

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