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Cabreuva Wood Essential Oil

Adam Michael has this to say “The aroma is warm, woody, sweet, and a little nut-floral. Great longevity and a useful modifier when used in spice, wood, oriental and rich amber accords. Blends especially well with cedarwood and pemou.

Produced by steam distillation of the chippings and waste wood, rich yellow to amber-red in colour and of a pourable viscosity. Contains 35% neridol, scientifically proven to penetrate skin easily which is now being trialled as a skin penetration enhancer for the transdermal delivery of therapeutic drugs.
This tree hails from South America and the big producers are found within Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia. Although Bolivia is probably more famed for the ‘frondosus’ species known by the locals by the very cool name – Incienso Rojo.”

Botanical Name: Myrocarpus fastigiatus

Origin: Paraguay


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