Mimosa Olessence Flowers

14/10/21: This product is supplied to us from a world famous naturals producer. Available here at the best online pricing when compared with all of our European and North American online competitors. None of them can compete. Pricing is so good that the wholesale weights are in line with official distributors pricing. Thanks, Adam : ) 

Adam Michael has this to say “This mimosa olessence flowers is produced by low temperature extraction on natural nerolidol in order to obtain the most genuine floral odour. Colourless, of a pourable water like viscosity and produced from the leaves and flowers. The aroma is delicate, fresh, yellow floral, has a potent anisic note, is less herbal than the traditional mimosa absolute and much truer to the flowers when compared with the absolute.

I find mimosa olessence flowers oil to be very useful for creating apple notes, candy creations, fresh floral bouquets. Generally a good modifier in floral, fruity, and even Oriental creations, imparting anise sweetness and fresh floral qualities in abundance.”

Botanical Name: Acacia dealbata

Origin: India

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 250G = 270 Euros. 1 kilo = 995 Euros.