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Pink Pepper WILD

Adam Michael has this to say “This Wild Crafted, Pink Pepper Essential Oil is exquisite material, soft peppery, sweet spicy, fruity, a little green and somewhat ylang ylang milk creamy.

In the world of perfumery Pink Pepper Essential Oil imparts a fresh top note within heavy-sweet floral bases, introduces freshness and fixation within lavender colognes, fougeres, spicy colognes and floral bouquets and pairs very well with frankincense and elemi materials. Pink pepper (Schinus molle) is of no relation to green, black or white pepper oils (Piper nigrum). Clear in colour, produced by steam distilling the berries and of a pourable viscosity.”

Botanical Name: Schinus molle

Origin: USA 

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4 reviews for Pink Pepper WILD

  1. farman1979 (verified owner)

    Perfect top note material for any all natural attar – be it chypre, ambery, woody, or fougere. Goes quite nicely with CPOs that has heavy dose of ouds too.

  2. Mauricio (verified owner)

    I wasn’t a big fan of Pink Pepper, I admit. It’s been put in so many things in late years that I feel it has become ordinary. From drinks to dishes to branded perfumes, it’s everywhere and I got bored of it. That said, this offering makes me want to scratch all that, start anew and rewire my brain, purifying every bad encounter I had with it before.

    I’m mesmerized by how versatile and sassy this material is. Roses love to sit close to it, Vanilla gushes over its beauty and resins wait in line to be best friends with this Pink Pepper. The snobby woods seem to have a soft spot for this adventurous ingredient, Citruses treat it with reverence, herbs open their souls to the quirkiness it holds and even the aristocratic musks seem to treat them as equal peers.

    Whilst Nutmeg adds contrast to pretty much everything, Pink Peppers seems to enhance and open new roads to other materials. Creamy notes become edgy, fresh ones get zingy, open aromas brighten up, deep ones turn into intoxicating and so on. In my spicy-vanilla creation, this material links the sparkly Mandarin Red top to the molten Malagueta Pepper heart with such aplomb that it’s almost funny to behold.

  3. rolandujvari (verified owner)

    Topping almost all my men’s fragrances with this sensation, it’s a warm, sparkling spiciness .

  4. ana.vancas (verified owner)

    Really versatile. I used this to enhance my frankincense, chypre and tropical/frangipani/ floral blends and works really nice in all of them. Exquisite top note!

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