Carrot Seed CO2 (SELECT)

Mark Evans has this to say “Surprisingly, very little of the cumin-like seediness of the essential oil is present in this particular carrot seed CO2 from France. The first impression is one of warmth and of an immediate calming feeling. It washes your cares away with the first sniff. Deeply rich and warming, sweet, green, herbal and fruity. There’s even a hint of carrot juice in here.

The strength of this carrot seed CO2 is deep and complex and of medium strength, only lasting a short time on the blotter which makes this the perfect enriching top note material in your creation. Due to its depth of character it would act as an excellent bridging and smoothing material between aromatics and woody notes and yet it is also gorgeous enough to stand on its own as the feature note. Try blending with lavender, rosewood, cypress and geranium.”

Botanical Name: Daucus carota

Origin: France

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