Jade Cypress CO2

Mark Evans has this to say “This Australian conifer is also known as Murray River Cypress, and Northern Cypress so you could find this aromatic under any of those names as well. To me, all the Australian wood oils such as buddha wood, fire tree and wild-crafted sandalwood all have a recognisably sweet, resinous, balsamic, dense woody quality to them that I find extremely appealing and that is absent from oils sourced from anywhere else in the world. When I smell these woods I’m transported straight back to my childhood days spent exploring the West Aussie bush. They have a wildness to them with a sense of the red sand, hot sun, iron-rich minerals and the regular, rejuvenating bush fires that sweep through.

This locally extracted jade cypress CO2 is no exception with its sweetly balsamic, resinous, sticky, earthy, woody, smoky, cedar and guaiacwood-like scent that is deep and complex and also so calming and grounding. Honey yellow in colour and viscous, this extract will be a perfect base note and fixative in natural perfumery.”

Botanical Name: Callitris glaucophylla

Origin: Australia

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