Cedrat Essential Oil

23rd May 2024: Cedrat essential oil – 2024 season – now in stock : ) 

Adam Michael has this to say “Cedrat essential oil is produced from the fruit (peel) that is chiefly grown and sold within Sicily. In its fruit form and having travelled Italy extensively now, I find this fruit is found readily as candy fruit or candy cedrat which is used as an ingredient for making cakes and deserts. Nice to look at and it tastes delicious however I still prefer squeezing the juice and adding it to freshly squeezed orange juice, the result is a delicious thirst quenching drink. The aroma of this essential oil is as you would imagine it to be, very zesty, incredibly fresh and light, similar to lemons and limes with lots of sweetness but softer and rounded.

This cedrat essential oil is fantastic for the aroma diffusers, filling the air with an aroma that everyone is sure to appreciate, especially children. For perfumery use this material is an exquisite top note, pairing splendidly with bergamot and lime, imparts freshness within florals, offers interesting effects used within boozy accords and for me I would consider this an essential material like bergamot for communicating a romance and love that I feel for Italy in the form of perfume. I write it quite a lot but this truly is a beautiful material and well worth trying.”

Botanical Name: Citrus medica

Origin: Sicily

Cold Pressed

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 250G = 90 Euros. 

This material is produced by a world leader of citrus within Italy. If you reside outside of Italy you have to buy this material via the producers official distributors list, who in turn sell smaller weights onto little businesses like Hermitage and our online competition. As we live in Italy we can buy directly and resell the material in small volumes and weights at unbeatable prices. Store this material in the fridge when not in use and you can enjoy this material at its best for 12 months.