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Cherry Juice CO2 (TOTAL)

Adam Michael has this to say “Cherry CO2 is of poor longevity, lasting 20-25 minutes at the very most on my smelling strip. The smell is red-fruit, almond and sweet rich cherry. This scent reminds me of kirsch cherry brandy and the cherry sauce that accompanies most yogurt and fruit combo pots found in the supermarket. As the longevity is very poor I figure this a onetime purchase but it is worth a look. This is a very interesting study material and a useful reference material to have on hand for anyone trying to build a cherry scent.”

Safety Data: This product contains ethanol and water and has a flash point of < 20c. This material will not dilute in carrier oil or in diluents such as IPM due to the water content. We advise in perfumery that this material is used at up to about 10% of the composition. If you work with pre-diluted materials at 10% in ethanol then this material should be used neat. For those who prefer to work with pure materials, cherry CO2 should be added last because the mixture will go cloudy at that point – once the ethanol is added to dilute to EdT strength it will go clear again – but leaving it clouded for days on end risks bacterial growth starting so isn’t wise.

Always keep the cap securely fastened on the bottle when not in use. The bottle should have plenty of air space and we provide this material in larger bottles to allow sufficient air space. Store and handle in a well- ventilated place.

Botanical Name: Prunus cerasus

Origin: Germany


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