Oud Thailand Royal E.O (Fruity)

Adam Michael has this to say “So this is my third offering of plantation oud, two year aged, and this one hails from the Trat region of Thailand.  As with quite a lot of heavy base notes, this one is a muddled mess at the start. As such you need to apply this to a test strip.

For the first 40 minutes you are greeted with dark woods, clouds of horse, and many other nuances categorised by most as animalic.

I have to add this 40 minute experience is bizarre, almost as though you are being tested out, and if you stick it out, if you pass the 40 minute test, you are transported to oudy heaven and get to preview what it is like breathing the finest aromas the universe offers. Yes that sounds bonkers but sincerely this is a real trip you have to experience.

As soon as that 40 minute test is out of the way, you are hit with lots and lots of varying woody qualities, nuances resembling spiced incense, aged Virginian cedarwood, fleeting aspects of smoked guaiac wood, gorgeous smooth woodyness comparable to the aroma of a diluted aged Mysore Sandalwood heart. And lots and lots of resinous warmth that is like putting your nose into a bag of warm myrrh resin. This combo of notes, the way they hit you like a continual tidal wave, the sheer beauty and perfection of these notes and how they interact, how they suck you in to a bed of never ending calm, is such a captivating, rich and profound experience. Plus you get those reliable plumes of warm exotic fruits, softly bursting in front of you like some kind of aromatic fireworks display. Just incredible.

Within the development I have also encountered cocoa qualities, so good you momentarily imagine devouring chocolate bars. And those fruit notes, yes classic and in keeping with oud, but at some stage they have a pungency that reminds me of peeling a mandarin, the smell of the rind, the zest, the tartness, it’s just yummy.  And yes I encountered more notes, if you try this, see if you too can pick out the nuances comparable to diluted plai, nagarmotha, aged leather and spikenard.

The dry down on the strip is a week plus and consists of woods, floral tones that are best associated with cistus and labdanum, plus amber, and warm enchanting rich exotic fruits. To be more specific, the amber aspects are very similar to smelling the amber sweetie we still exclusively offer.

The wood was soaked for 2 weeks prior to steam distillation, and the colour is dark amber and of a slightly thick but pourable consistency. Another scent profile that favours colder temperatures and one swipe applied to my wrist has lasted approximately 7 hours. Stunning material and highly recommended.”

Botanical Name: Aquilaria crassna

Origin: Thailand (Provence of Trat)

Plantation Material (6 Year Aged as of 10th August 2021)