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Ambergris Heart Stone Tincture 3%

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Eleonora Scalseggi has this to say “Ambergris is a substance that never ceases to fascinate and stimulate human beings’ curiosity. Many synthetic replacements have been concocted over the years in order to overcome the shortcomings of its scarcity, irregular availability and very high prices. And yet natural ambergris still retains all of its fascination, with its stories, legends and secrets.

As many people might already know, ambergris is a hard-waxy substance that results from sperm whales intestinal irritation caused by their cuttlefish diet. This irritation causes some big lumps, our ambergris, forming in their digestive system. How these are then expelled is still not certain, even though apparently most of them are never really expelled. It is only after the sperm whale has passed away, after sharks and other fishes have eaten its remains that the ambergris -discarded by sea inhabitants – starts getting lighter in weight until it gets light enough to properly float. At this point the real journey of ambergris begins: the combined action of ocean salted waters, wind and sun will make it mellow. It will take even several decades of floating for ambergris to lose the foul, rough smell of intestines and instead acquire the saltiness of the ocean storms, with its animalic notes now mellowed and sweet, beautifully transformed.

It is at some point of these transformations that our ambergris, the legacy of a sperm whale, is eventually washed ashore and found, often by the so-called beach-combers (professional ambergris searchers) and sometimes -albeit very rarely- found by pure chance by the lucky occasional beach stroller.

Many colours and grades of ambergris exist based on how mellowed they are, but also depending on which part of the ambergris piece has been found. The inner core of the ambergris lump that first originated in the sperm whale usually differs in colour, consistency and scent from the rest of the very same ambergris piece. It is what some ambergris beach-combers call the “heart stone”.

What we offer here is a tincture of the heart stone of a beach combed piece of white ambergris from New Zealand. Tinctured at 3% in ethanol and aged for a minimum of 6 months at the time of writing (April 2017), it is now finally ready for sale and it will keep improving with age.

Aromatically speaking it is very gentle, very clean and sweet, with the animalic facets only subtle and very well refined. Quite unobtrusive, if used in a perfume it can prolong its life without dragging the composition down and it is ideal when used with the most delicate floral materials or more generally when you are looking for a natural base note capable of enhancing a perfume’s tenacity whilst leaving its luminousness intact.

Perfumes aside this is a material is a gorgeous addition for all naturals enthusiasts and for all those hopelessly spellbound by ambergris.”

Origin: New Zealand