Clary Sage E.O (France)

Adam Michael has this to say “Clary sage essential oil has uplifting and relaxing properties. It encourages sleep and is said to promote dreaming. Soothes, relaxes and warms. Described as a very good muscle relaxant and a key essential oil for PMT. Clary sage can have a profoundly euphoric effect so do use with care.

Clary sage is used in aromatherapy in preference to sage (Salvia officinalis) because whilst clary shares many of the properties of sage, the essential oil contains a far lower proportion of thujone. The essential oil which is distilled from the flowers, is helpful for treating all kinds of stress and tension and is a particularly powerful muscle relaxant, that has a wonderfully herbaceous and fresh tea character with floral and nutty nuance. As it is relaxing, warming and antispasmodic it is helpful in treating digestive problems, especially cramps or griping colicky pains. Either gentle massage over the stomach and abdomen, or hot compresses of clary will be very comforting.”

Botanical Name: Salvia sclarea

Origin: France