Commiphora wildii 20% Tincture

Mark Evans has this to say “Here we have the 20% tincture in ethanol of a truly remarkable resin that conveys the very soul of Africa to the senses. In the vast desert lands of the Kunene region of North-West Namibia, the resin of the Omumbiri tree (Commiphora wildii) is traditionally used by the Himba people in their rituals of daily care. The Omumbiri resin is placed in the bottom of a container made from a cow horn and then covered with a mix of animal fat and ochre. The fragrance of the resin permeates the ochre mixture which is then rubbed on the skin as a perfume. Recently, the commercialised gathering of ‘Namibian Myrrh’ resin has greatly improved access to food, education and health care for the Himba because of the extra income gained.  

Smell this tincture on the skin, as it would be smelled by the Himba and be transported with a scent that is calming and meditative, half way between frankincense and myrrh with rounded, smooth, balsamic undertones. There’s a peppery smokiness there and the whole effect is one of a tranquil moment in the wild. An ochre sunset over the plains.

In perfumery, this gentle top note material could be used in situations where a calming hint of frankincense or myrrh is needed, but the essential oils of these are proving too brash. I also imagine it would provide a uniquely meditative experience when used to scent cosmetic creams.”

Botanical name: Commiphora wildii

Origin: Namibia