Eucalyptus Kochii E.O

Adam Michael has this to say “I would guess anyone involved in aromatherapy will be aware of Eucalyptus globulus. A species of eucalyptus that is offered by all the major chemists, health food stores and online essential oil resellers. Yet so many more eucalyptus species exist, and today I am happy to introduce you to Eucalyptus kochii essential oil.

From the bottle – the aroma is cooling menthol, and camphor infused, very balsamic sweet and finished with something I can only compare with smelling fever tea, delicately – smoked-floral perhaps. If you leave the cap off and let the headspace evaporate you are eventually left with a very sweet almost peppermint like scent with these raw Vicks Vapour rub undertones.

On the strip – the opening of eucalyptus kochii essential oil is again cooling, fresh, very piercing, very watered down peppermint like, the menthol is the dominating note but it is supported by some gorgeous yet fleeting candy sweet shop nuances. I also detect a very soft, slightly medicinal floral trace note as the top starts to mellow and evolve. The middle is a chiefly menthol affair, so cold, Antarctic like, brrrhhh. And then this material does a 360, the cold menthol qualities start to fade away (not completely) like the autumn season and you are greeted with spring warmth, balsamic sweetness, clear play-doh nuances, and floral tinges. Overall, one heck of an aromatic ride, a great study material at the very least, and most useful for those making respiratory blends”.

Mark Evans has this to say “This Eucalyptus kochii (Oil Mallee) is a magnificent native tree of Western Australia. It grows in the hot and dry climate of the north western and central West Australian wheatbelt region and, along with other Mallees, is grown on farms to reduce soil salinity and provide shelter for crops and stock. Kochii Contains the  highest oil content of any of the 800 species of eucalypts and the essential oil extracted from the leaves and twigs has the highest concentration of cineole – around 90%.

I haven’t smelled all of them, but so far this is my favourite of the eucalypt oils. The fragrance is exactly what you smell when crushing the leaves of the trees that grow along the roadside here. It is wonderfully menthol fresh, clean and leafy green and clears the nose and mind better than anything I know. The drydown is also very cedarwood-like compared to other eucalypts which often have a limonene-like drydown which reminds me of disinfectant.

Obviously, Eucalyptus kochii essential oil is perfect as a decongestant used as an inhalant and in natural perfumery I’d recommend it for use in anything with a mint or menthol theme as well as adding freshness to the top notes of aromatic, green or woody fragrances.”

Botanical Name: Eucalyptus kochii

Origin: Australia