French Rose De Mai CO2 Extract (SELECT)

Adam Michael has this to say “We now exclusively offer this French Rose De Mai CO2 extract. Produced in the South of France on a very small scale and a true status piece in the world of rose aromatics, that very few ever get the opportunity to enjoy.

Aromatically this CO2 displays a dreamy aroma profile full of sweet, sultry, fleshy fresh pink rose centifolia petals drenched by the morning sun. In this sense this Rose De Mai CO2 is aromatically speaking the bridge between a full bodied, richly sweet-smelling Rose De Mai absolute and a more ethereal steam distilled Rose Otto, with the added bonus that unlike absolutes this material is extracted without any harsh chemicals, that are therefore not present in the finished product not even in infinitesimal trace. Thus, no solvent-like off-notes whatsoever can be detected among its delightful top notes, making this a choice material for the most demanding composers. Visually this is also of a softer less waxy consistency than all of the rose co2 extracts we have offered to date.

Soluble in oil and only partially soluble in alcohol, this aromatic is perfect in attars, solid perfumes, and for producing the most voluptuously luxurious skin products.”

Botanical Name: Rosa centifolia

Origin: France