Adam Michael has this to say “Smelling the aroma of Fever Tea Essential Oil is a rich, uplifting-fruity experience with lots of tropical fruit sweetness and delicate boozy hop infused fruit undertones throughout. Also this aroma is reminiscent to me of pouring sticky mango juice into a glass on a hot summer’s day and serving with lashings of ice cubes. The colour is pale orange and of a pourable viscosity. As for uses this material is a must for building tropical fruit accords, is a must for building juicy mango notes and pairs beautifully with our mango leaf absolute.”

Fever Tea Essential Oil is also known as Wild Verbena and in this instance is obtained by steam distilling the leaves and stems. Growing location and time of extraction clearly have a serious bearing on the chemistry with absolutely huge fluctuations in percentages of Myrcene, Geraniol, and Linalool (1%-50%) reported which will alter the aroma profile greatly and may explain why my reading material suggests aroma profiles I do not detect at all with the batches I have sampled.

Botanical Name: Lippia javanica

Origin: South Africa (direct from source CERTIFIED ORGANIC)