Frankincense Neglecta ARTISAN E.O

Adam Michael has this to say “At the time of writing (11/06/19) I have come to discover what I feel is the best bottle of Neglecta I have ever encountered. So good I have called time with the supplier of the Organic material we offered and replaced them with this new supplier, as artisanal as it gets, a one man band operation, and aromatically the best bottle of frankincense neglecta essential oil money can buy.

Generally if you look at Neglecta materials they do have a big industry vibe about them, they ooze even in trace qualities a nuance resembling smelling the inside of a paint can. Shoe polish nuances are usually nearly always found as is the lemony facets that compliment the resinous notes. And for the woody character it is usually always comparable to some species of cedarwood. I am not knocking it at all, as it results in a very pleasant aroma profile.

However what I now offer is material that still retains its identity but done so in a more mellow, cosy, rich and almost comforting fashion. Every aspect is rounder, not a sharp aspect or rough edge in sight, no violent or harsh paint can qualities. Simply it is comparable to warm liquefied neglecta resin, from the first sniff until the very last, it is wave after wave of deeply intense rich frankincense neglecta essential oil, what more can you wish for!

For perfumery the uses are vast, pairs great with amber sweetie, sandalwood, jasmine, just about all resin produced E.O’s, and is an absolute must for building leather bases, Oriental accords, plus it is even useful for creating vintage sandalwood accords. A must for strengthening frankincense notes and somewhat useful for helping capture and display the perfect “frankincense churchy notes” many seem to desire today. A truly excellent material, a pleasure for me to write about and this gets a 9.5 out of 10 rating from me.”

Botanical Name: Boswellia neglecta

Origin: Ethiopian material/ USA Production