Joseph Colbourne has this to say “Like many CO2 extractions, this certified organic cardamom CO2 is true-blue to the spice, a bracing dynamo that flagellates then caresses. Less cineolic than the essential oil, this transparent, readily pourable liquid from Guatemala is peppery, fresh, and quintessentially cardamom at its top—not to mention its notably diffusive! Three hours in on the strip and it continues to display electrifying tenacity as additional notes redolent of chai, tiramisu, the convivially sweet and spicy, tickle the nose playfully. The dry down is more mellow, balsamic, almost reminiscent of mesquite wood chips. This versatile material could impart a masculine (or unisex) touch in blends, pairing well with citrus, coriander, Indian spices, chypres, dry woods, barber shop accords, incense accords.”

Botanical Name: Elettaria cardamomum

Origin: Guatemala

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Certified Organic