Nerolidol Natural Isolate

Mark Evans has this to say “Smelling nerolidol is an interesting experience. It seems pleasantly green, citrus-like and waxy, yet the smell is so subtle that to me it seems to have more of a presence rather than a scent. You know something is there, the effect is actually quite strong, yet the nose only senses this agreeable freshness, like an aura of light or like a cool breeze.

Despite its delicacy, nerolidol is actually useful in perfumery due to its excellent fixative properties as well and an enricher. A dose of nerolidol in the formula adds a deeply mellow richness to any type of perfume, it smooths out any rough edges and helps the top, middle and base notes blend smoothly into each other to a cohesive whole.

This natural isolate has been isolated from cabreuva wood and to me is indistinguishable from the synthetic version except for maybe a very subtle woodiness in the dry-down. I would certainly recommend experimenting with this nerolidol isolate and if at first you think it would be too quiet to be of much use, try comparing two blends, one with and one without it in, you’ll be surprised.”

Extracted from cabreuva essential oil.

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 250G = 100 Euros.