Karo Karounde Liquid 100%

Adam Michael has this to say “The opening notes of this Karo Karounde Liquid 100% are warm, floral, waxy, and oriental, with a tang of steamed chocolate-orange pudding. Great intensity, the warmth glows and intensifies throughout. A sweet hue of gardenia appears in the middle with a delicate breeze of ylang ylang and jasmine flowers playing harmoniously together. Mild tuberose notes after the hour mark lead me to detect notes reminiscent of narcissus, again warm, but with a distinctive sweet nutty nuance. Plus I detect soapy aspects I find in jasmine sambac and champaca absolutes. Whilst this material is an all-natural compound I think it is still worth noting what Arctander has to say about the actual absolute as it is very hard to distinguish between this material and the absolute – which is seldom rare produced and of which is acquired mostly on contract by the major perfume houses.”

Arctander has this to say “The absolute of Karo Karounde gives very interesting effects in hyacinth, gardenia, stephanotis and tuberose bases and it can be used in a multitude of other heavy-floral or Oriental floral perfumes.”

This is a masterpiece material from a highly esteemed Grasse based producer. Whilst the exact recipe so to speak is proprietary information this karo karounde liquid 100% is an all-natural compound creation that delivers the beauty one can expect from karo karounde absolute material (Leptactina senegam) at a fraction of the price.