Gamma Dodecalactone Natural Isolate

Vincent Gambino has this to say “Gamma dodecalactone exudes warm, smooth, sensual nuances with floral elements as well as creamy aspects (probably derived from coconut, the starting material). Slightly waxy, you might also detect watery elements about it.

I would suggest it as a building block material, as it can be easily polarized in different directions, as well as polarize a compound as a modifier. Think juicy fruits like peach and apricot; would work excellently with materials such as osmanthus, poplar buds or helicrisum br., I would suggest it as well in smooth creamy blends containing sandalwood or massoia, especially because of its excellent persistence and diffusive power can work well in base notes. Overall a wonderful material that is a must have for the natural perfumer.”

Extracted from coconut.