Methyl N Methylanthranilate N.I

Mark Evans has this to say “Methyl N Methylanthranilate natural isolate is also known as dimethyl anthranilate which normally has a sweet, artificial grape, port-wine scent. This all-natural isolate obtained from petitgrain, however, at first smells of blackened, grape flavoured citrus peel! The first few minutes is really unusual and quite fascinating. After a short while Methyl N Methylanthranilate natural isolate settles down to sweet grape, fruity, musty, orange blossom, powdery, port-wine scent that dimethyl anthranilate is known for with just a little of the smokiness remaining in there in the background.

Those of you with some fragrance chemical knowledge will be aware that Methyl N Methylanthranilate is useful to use in place of methyl anthranilate to prevent the reaction between MA and aldehydes that results in un-wanted Schiff’s Bases in your formula.”

Extracted from Petitgrain reticulata Blanco essential oil.