Kerala Indian Sandalwood 1953 E.O

Adam Michael has this to say” What we have here is artisan produced Indian sandalwood e.o from Kerala. Super small batch, wild grown and logs estimated at plus 70 years. This is a rarity now as just about everything you find in Kerala is plantation – nothing wrong with it of course – apart from the fact the trees they cut down are way too young and the aroma is lacking, souless and bland when compared with sandalwood e.o produced from trees of real maturity.

Aromatically, this sandalwood is very old woody, a little dirty animalic in parts, hot spiced at times, rich creamy, thick milky buttery throughout. Overall, a very pleasant bottle of sandalwood and as it’s free of the Mysore tag, it also comes to the table with a friendlier price.

Classic old school masculine orientated sandalwood that is a slow starter on the skin, taking about five minutes before it starts firing on all cylinders. Once underway on the skin, I get just under 5 hours of solid performance, delivered in the usual intimate cloud esq manner, and from a 0.1ml swipe no less. Light orange to amber colour subject to weight/volume and of a pourable viscosity. Very useful for everyone who needs sandalwood with some oomph and personality.”

Botanical Name: Santalum album

Origin: India

Oil Soluble: Yes 

Alcohol Soluble: Yes