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Massoia Bark CO2 (SELECT)

Adam Michael has this to say “The smell massoia bark CO2 is that of a tropical masterpiece, like a cross between sandalwood and coconut ice cream, it is an absolutely gorgeous aroma. Useful for adding warmth and fullness to soft woody accords, offers interesting effects within amber bases and developing white flower notes such as gardenia and jasmine, combines nicely with coumarin and tonka notes and provides a warm tropical milkiness to sandalwood accords.

I must add that if used in a perfume formula this material could actually irritate the skin. Not unlike other perfumery materials that share this feature, for example oakmoss and even rose, it is always best to research the materials that you intend to put into a formulation. This being said it is also an issue of personal sensitivity, example, I have never had any reactions at all but again I am aware it is possible. The IFRA has decided to prohibit this material and we have decided to continue offering it as we feel it has a lot to offer the perfumer as well as being a great study material. The major constituents are 50 – 80% pentyl lactone and 10 – 40% heptyl lactone. Light yellow in colour of a pourable viscosity and a select extract.”

Botanical Name: Cryptocarya massoia

Origin: New Guinea

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  1. KimRiccelli (verified owner)

    A lovely material, very accurately described by Adam, with one caveat – unlike the infinitely kind and adaptable sandalwood, massoia must be used in extreme moderation or it will overpower anything you blend it with, imparting an oily note that is very persistent.
    As long as you don’t try to use it as the building block of a composition, but as an accent that is used sparingly, it can do wonderful things.

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