Jasmine Concrete

Adam Michael has this to say “This Jasmine Concrete is a true jasmine connoisseur’s dream material, and it has only taken me around three years to source! Why, because first buying concrete from producers is not always a straightforward process, many don’t want to sell it to you because they can get more money from producing the absolute with the concrete. Plus holding concrete means you can produce the absolute when your client wants it and this results in the client getting a very fresh smelling aroma profile at any time of the year. And second, unfortunately, in Egypt some of the producers think it is perfectly acceptable to reintroduce the leftover waxes from the absolute production back into the concrete. This bad practice results in a very faint smelling concrete that is somewhat fatty and rank in aroma profile. So yes it has been a lengthy process to find a producer that does things properly and to convince him that I have no intention to produce my own absolutes from the concrete!

Now, aromatically with the absolutes we carry, many describe them as a very heady affair, and without dilution, they are not only impossible to fully appreciate and evaluate but will more times than not contain some foul notes courtesy of the indole, making the opening undiluted experience so far removed from anything overly pleasant and wow.

However with this concrete that is not the case, the aroma from the bottle is soft floral, deep sweet floral, a little fruity, trace woody and less heady and piercing compared with the absolute. The indole is still of course present, just not as a standout note, it just contributes harmoniously to the overall beauty of the material. Simply, you really feel as though you are sitting with your nose inside a living jasmine flower when you smell this concrete.  A truly enjoyable, luxurious, deeply comforting and soothing experience throughout.

Reddish-orange in colour, of a waxy appearance, obtained from the flowers via hexane and this jasmine concrete contains approximately 60% of the absolute.

A must for those who make solid perfumes, cosmetics, luxury soaps and even attars. If used in alcohol perfume this material will of course need filtering but it could be a very worthwhile process as aromatically this is a truly 10 out 10 material.”

Botanical Name: Jasminum officinale var Grandiflorum

Origin: India 

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 100G = 235 Euros. 250G = 575 Euros.