Lavender Absolute (Italian)

Adam Michael has this to say “What we have here is very likely a limited-edition release that aroma wise is the polar-opposite to smelling our much-loved French absolute and of which has an almost cult type following. Whereas the French abs has a potent coumarinic backbone and peppered with herbaceous and floral nuances, this Italian offering has a dominant herbaceous infused floral body throughout with a far lighter coumarinic presence that absolutely needs dilution, as without it I could imagine many, especially newbies perceiving this as smelling all muddled and even muddy.

This Italian offering is without question also of a masculine nature that makes me think of a distinguished, well dressed, well-groomed gentleman from an earlier time, perhaps the 1920’s. For me there is zero anything feminine about this scent and it is a truly different proposition for the perfumer with the obvious French absolute via the even more obvious conglomerates (of which we have nothing at all to do with, for any lavender aromatics we carry).

Blends well with tobacco, ouds, is madly in love with French clary sage, works well with fenugreek, oakmoss, tree moss and katrafay too based on experiments. This has a lot of uses, a definite must for creating barber shop accords or for use within male beard grooming products, great too for building pipe tobacco accords, forest floor themes and of course for those building old school chypre and fougeres and for anyone wanting to create old school lavender colognes too. Definitely worth a look for the curious amongst you and this batch was 100% exclusively produced for us.”

Botanical Name: Lavandula angustifolia

Origin: Italy