Leather Liquid 100%

Adam Michael has this to say “The aroma profile of this all natural Leather Liquid is an all masculine affair throughout. The top is a slow starter on the skin but when it starts, it is reminiscent of new leather, shoe polish, frankincense and showcases crude, smoky and destructive nuances that are better associated with smelling Cade Wood or White birch. As the aroma evolves so does the chaos and destruction, lots and lots of smoky fire notes take charge, charred wood, hot ashes, and so comparable to the aromatic belly of amber crude oil but in a refined, palatable and always enjoyable order.

The leather notes start to take prominence as the other notes slowly fade, and when they do, they come through in a strong, somewhat raw, lustful and raunchy fashion. These leather notes are also underpinned with notes comparable to the sweet gummy character found within aged Frankincense Rivae and it is the absolute perfect aromatic marriage. Within the aroma profile you will find floral aspects that I have occasionally encountered within my cherished frankincense resins, a type of soft floral churchy, incense, saffron spiced accord that is most stimulating and of a saturated nature and mostly found within connoisseur grades of Frankincense Neglecta resins. The dry down consists of leather, with especially prominent notes of various frankincense species, labdanum, amber sweetie, heavily diluted cade wood, so diluted it could almost be classed as a cade floral and finished with spiced nuances.

I regard this material as a perfume in its own right, it is easy to use, affordable, sits nice on my skin type in all temperatures and as it hits the middle, I also realise it has a soothing effect on me.  A perfect material for building and further improving incense notes, leather accords, works great in citrus colognes, and pairs especially well with frankincense oils, amber sweetie, Himalayan Cedar and Myrrh oils.”

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 50G = 40 Euros. 100G = 75 Euros.